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Nursing clinical sign-ups cause schedule difficulties

The system in which required nursing clinical sign-ups are being conducted is making it difficult to register for classes and plan work schedules, nursing students said.The problem with signing up for clinicals is that students do not know the days of the week their clinical will be held when they register for classes, said Whitney Huffaker, a junior nursing major.

“They see this as giving everyone a fair opportunity,” Huffaker said, “When, in actuality, they are just making it impossible for you to make your schedule for the following semester, since you don’t know what time you will be in clinical and/or which day.”

Susan Weeks, a nursing professor, said she realizes the frustration that clinical sign-ups cause students, and she is hoping to find solutions to improve the process of finalizing clinical spaces. Weeks said enrollments in the nursing program have made clinical spaces in hospitals scarce and that it takes until the end of the semester to finalize specific days for each clinical section.

“The primary impact on students is that they may need to arrange work and/or childcare issues after the posting on the clinical days and times,” Weeks said.

This allows for students to finalize schedule arrangements over the summer, she said.

TCU is one of many schools in the area that vie for clinical spaces, Weeks said, and clinical spaces have become scarcer over the past three to four years because enrollment in nursing programs has increased.

Weeks said this issue should not impact any student’s graduation.

Stephanie Mangan, a junior nursing major, said that there are six section groups available for students to sign up for clinicals.

“When you blindly pick a section, there is no information going along with it,” Mangan said.

The information Mangan said she would like to see go along with the section number is when and where the clinical will be and who the instructor will be.

She said she understands the way it works because the teachers do not know their schedules or the hospital schedules at the time of registration.

Mangan said that she would at least like to see each section number matched with a day because holding down a job is also difficult without knowing the schedule beforehand.

This system makes it hard for students to schedule other classes and arrange day care for children, Mangan said.

“Adequate spaces are held for each student in the clinical courses they need,” Weeks said.

The upper divisions clinical courses are two days a week and are available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, Weeks said, and that allows students to sign up for Tuesday and Thursday courses.

She said that most nursing classes are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings so students are able to sign up for elective courses that are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

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