Cheers, jeers of semester

Cheers to the Greek community deciding against bringing the discriminatory Delta Zeta to campus, thereby protecting the integrity of sororities and fraternities at TCU.Jeers to the Colby Hall flasher for showing us what no one wanted to see. We’re still having nightmares. Unless you are a swimmer, being shaven is not a point of pride.

Cheers to Beata Jones for making the Neeley School a little bit safer. Her heroic act of chasing a devious wallet thief on the run would make anyone scared to rob a Frog.

Jeers to the security at the University Recreation Center for allowing a locker room panty-snatcher and a sneaky weight-room thief to slip through the cameras and invade personal privacy and steal thousands of dollars.

Cheers to the university for harnessing the revenue of the Barnett Shale for productive purposes. More money, a new department and a bigger endowment; no argument here.

Jeers to unresponsive campus administrators, who frequently withhold knowledge and information that rightfully belongs to the TCU community. Stop turning the school into Washington, D.C. – it’s the students’ right to know.

Cheers to TCU for fighting against the censorship at the Universidad de las Americas, TCU’s sister school, and putting the student newspaper back in the hands of the students. Freedom begins with the press.

Jeers to the administrators at UDLA for censoring its campus newspaper in the first place.

Cheers to people like Keith Whitworth, Bethanne Edwards and other environmentally conscious Frogs for raising awareness by thinking green and riding purple. Thanks for showing us that the time to act is now.

Jeers to the slow developmental progress at the GrandMarc, the Berry Street overhaul and the TCU Bookstore. A deadline is a deadline, and so far, city management has not accomplished these tasks.