Senior leaves niche at university, hopes to give to community

Yendor Reese has come a long way from once being called “snot boy” as a child to becoming a rock star.Reese was known as the “nerdy, snotty boy” in elementary school because of his runny nose during “Field Day” events.

He is now seen as anything but.

Reese was named after his father, Rodney. Yendor is Rodney backward.

Reese, a senior communication studies major, is the lead singer for RedTape, a rock and R&B band with a gospel message he created two years ago with alumnus Mark Lettieri.

“There are no labels and no stigmas,” Reese said. “We put the red tape over the label they put on us.”

The band was originally called Red Ink but had to be changed because that name already existed.

“The band sounds like rock ‘n’ roll goes to church but likes to dance on Saturday nights,” Reese said.

Reese used to sing at in high school and was originally a vocal performance major.

“I love performing because people understand what I am doing,” Reese said. “I like performing with a choir because I am touched by some emotional pieces while performing with my band is just fun.”

Reese, who likes to dress in style, can be seen riding a Razor Electric Scooter around campus.

Reese envisions the perfect outfit as tight jeans and T-shirt, a pair of incredible boots, a scarf around the neck and a jacket but credits his dreadlocks as his source of confidence.

“It has taken me three years to grow (them),” Reese said. “I used to be bald, but now I feel this is more me.”

Reese has been involved with Brothers Under Christ, Word of Truth Gospel Choir, Mu Phi Epsilon, First Year Experience as a Frog Camp facilitator, YouthWorks and was a LEAPS team leader.

Reese was also voted Mr. TCU in 2005.

“I was relieved when it was over, but it really showed me the opportunity I have being here while gaining a quality education and making such wonderful friendships,” Reese said.

Reese also credits the late-night escapades with fellow Frog Camp facilitators as some of his memorable college experiences.

Reese will graduate this May in hopes to pursue a career of music or to work with famed super-stars.

“I am excited to find out who I am without TCU,” Reese said. “I love it here, and it has been such a huge part of me, but I am ready to try something new.”

Although he said his friends will be missed most, Reese has hopes to someday travel to Barcelona, Spain, to be immersed with the beautiful culture, people and weather.

No matter what happens after graduation, Reese wants to give back to the community, help build community centers and continue support for groups such as Invisible Children and HOPE Farms.

“I want to be a friend to anyone,” Reese said. “I want to be able to make an impact on people’s lives positively.