Point: New living arrangements encourage promiscuity

Point: New living arrangements encourage promiscuity

Coed dorm rooms are no longer a figment of anyone’s imagination, they are real. Colleges and universities all over the country are moving toward this new trend.Living in a modern world, people are used to change, as it is unavoidable. Is the world ready to send its children to college, where living conditions are uncomfortable and promiscuous?

Vigen Guroian, theology professor at Loyola College in Maryland, said colleges have “forfeited the responsibilities of ‘in loco parentis’ and have gone into the pimping and brothel business.”

Guroian has conducted studies and written articles concerning coed dorms and his quotes from students are alarming. Before any decision is made on campus, students need to be heard.

As a freshman, freedom is exciting. Parents are not there watching every move and can no longer tell you what to do. It’s an exciting part of life no doubt, but has anyone asked students how they feel about living in a coed dorm?

“The peer pressure and the way things are set up make promiscuity practically obligatory,” one dorm resident told Guroian.

We attend a private university and coed dorms are farther from being instated than if we were a public university, but the day will come when TCU has to make that decision.

In one of his essays, Guroian writes students “feel pressured to participate in the casual sex that coed dorms make possible in order to prove their sexual health.”

Is proving sexual health the most important part of dorm life and freshman year? I think not. Students need to be worrying about their classes and building lifelong friendships, not whether they can keep up in the sexual world that surrounds them.

Students already have a hard time keeping God in their lives during college, especially freshman year. Coed dorms do not help that. In fact, I would go as far to say that it helps students stray from God.

Students have a lot of time during the day to spend with their boyfriends or girlfriends. It isn’t necessary to bring those relationships into the dorm life.

When one roommate needs to sleep or study, courtesy needs to be shown to that roommate. Having men or women easily accessible in the same dorm does not allow for a very quiet, comfortable setting. Men and women are naturally attracted to one another.

In most cases, coed dorms that keep women and men on different floors and have curfews for opposite genders are not going to have as many problems, although there will be some.

The solution is clear. Coed dorm rooms lead to promiscuity and uncomfortable living conditions according to some students who have experienced it. There is only one way to avoid that: same sex dormitories.

Marissa Warms is a senior advertising/public relations major from Irving.