Elections scheduled for open house seats

The SGA House of Student Representatives is calling for new members.The elections will occur Sept. 6 to fill vacant seats left open after the spring elections, SGA President Jace Thompson said.

Thompson said the spots open for election are two positions for first-year student representatives, one position as an education representative and one as a health and human sciences representative.

To run for a position:
Complete an application at www.sga.tcu.edu by Aug. 31. Students who are not first year students may only run for positions if they correspond to their majors or minors.
For more information, e-mail Merillat Pittman at [email protected].

“Last semester we had two representatives resign, one because of schedule overlapping and the other transferred,” he said. “The other two positions are for first year students who were not here to run last spring.”

SGA Treasurer Nate Arnold said he was in the House last year and it was fun and easy.

“If elected,” Arnold said, “you go to meetings and vote on resolutions that will hopefully make TCU a better place.”

Thomas Pressly, SGA vice president, said these members will not be behind by being elected this semester.

“Most of our current House was elected in the spring,” he said. “Our first House meeting will be next week and we will invite all of the candidates to come and see how the House works.”

Pressly also said the elections and campaigns for these positions will run just like a regular SGA election.

“We are really excited about getting SGA off the ground this year,” Pressly said. “We feel like it’s going to be a great year.