RAs work to establish on-campus movement; apartments first to get purple recycling bins

It’s time to help pitch in at the on-campus apartments.Residents of the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments have been provided with individual recycling bins in their apartments in hopes of initiating a campus wide movement, a resident assistant said Monday.

Ryan Hambley, one of the RAs who put the program in motion, said the idea for individual recycling bins was brought up at an RA brain-storming session.

Hambley, a senior secondary education major, said he would like to make the individual bins a policy for all suites and apartments on campus. He has been talking to a representative from a Fort Worth recycling company about getting funding, he said.

Hambley said he would like a purple recycling bin in each apartment to go along with what he likes to call the “Purple Thumb Project”.

“College students are inherently lazy,” Hambley said. “We are hoping that having the individual bins will be a reminder to recycle and (be) more convenient.”

To recycle before, students had to make two separate trips – one for trash, one for recyclables – to the trash room and most found it more convenient to keep all their trash together, Hambley said.

Samantha Hoover, a resident at Tom Brown-Pete Wright, said that having the individual bins is a great idea and that she has always had one in her dorm.

“It’s a good idea to keep a bin by your computer,” said Hoover, junior biology and Spanish major,. “Printing for homework and papers can be a waste. This way the bin is right there and I don’t even have to think about it.”

Hoover said there is a lot that can be done to help the TCU environment and steps have been taken in the right direction.

Last semester TCU Dining Services changed its policy on takeout containers, Hoover said. They switched from plastic and plastic foam containers to all biodegradable paper products, she said.

Cara Pennington, a senior social work and Spanish major, said recycling should be a priority for students.

“TCU has a lot of programs on campus, like the Environmental Science Club, that give students the motivation they need to be responsible,” said Pennington. “When people realize the importance of recycling it makes it easier to incorporate in their daily lives.”

Pennington said it would be nice to have separate bins in every dorm, but the cost should be taken into account. She said having the bins in the rooms will teach students responsibility, but it is already very convenient to recycle on campus.