SGA proposes ID cards used at football games

Student Government Association approved a resolution Tuesday to consider the use of ID cards at TCU sporting events. The resolution was passed unanimously after it was presented at the weekly house meeting.

According to Bill 94-2, SGA representatives support the use of student ID cards at all sporting events, and rather than having the money go on send home, the representatives propose to have the money taken directly from each student’s individual meal plan.

Other points discussed included:

The passing of legislation 94-1, a movement to support the eventual allocation of $5,000 toward Integrity Week.

An update on the construction of the Frisbee Golf Course. Representatives are working to make sure the course is campus-friendly.

Programming Council upcoming events including homecoming and family weekend held September 22 and 29, respectively.

5,300 SGA purple planner calendars have been distributed already. The planners are still available through SGA.

SGA funds a lawyer to be available every Wednesday in the reading room.

An update on the status of student ID card usage off campus. A call to legislation on the topic was introduced spring 2005 and continues to be pursued.

The next house meeting will take place next at 5 p.m. Tuesday in Student Center room 222.