Art exhibits open doors to locals

Fort Worth’s Fall Gallery Night is here again. Artists will showcase their work at a variety of galleries, salons and coffee shops throughout Tarrant County. The pieces on display are as unique as the people that view them. The point of the night is to have fun and enjoy some good art, all of which can be easier if the gallery-goer remembers a few helpful tips. 10 Tips for Gallery Night

Ladies, Gallery Night is the night to pull out those cute, funky, little heels! Just remember there is quite a bit of walking, and it is important that those cute heels are also comfy. Well, as comfy as heels can be.

9Break out those Carrie Bradshaw outfits and make your clothes your own piece of art.

8 Map out your evening’s route beforehand. It saves a lot of time if you choose the galleries you want to see before you head out.

7 Pick a place that you might not normally go, such as an off-the-wall gallery or university exhibit.

6 Be sure to take traveling buddies. Things are always more fun with your friends around, right?

5 Aside from cheese and crackers, there isn’t going to be much to eat on your journey. Plan to eat before you go, or after, or both. You are not going to want to stop in the middle to grab a snack.

4 Bring cash just in case. You never know how artists have set up their exhibits and they may not accept credit cards.

3 Talk to the artists if you can. Keep an open mind. Many interesting friends can be made when art is involved.

2 While wine is available at many galleries, pace yourself. Trust me, after a few galleries every piece of art starts looking good and you may end up going home with a $3000 painting of a twig.

1 Most importantly, remember that you have to drive from gallery to gallery. If you plan to partake of the free beverages make sure that someone responsible is behind the wheel.

Have fun!