Hurried schedules offset Frog Follies

This year’s Homecoming week will be without the annual group talent show Frog Follies because of students’ busy schedules, the homecoming director said.Homecoming director Blake Billings said the reason Frog Follies was not scheduled during Homecoming was because of the lack of time student groups have to prepare for the event. Billings said, since Homecoming falls early in the year, it would just make things more difficult.

“Fraternity rush ended just a few weeks ago and all of the organizations are scrambling for time as it is just to finish up their floats in time for Friday,” Billings said. “It’s proven to be better throughout the week as everyone is having time to finish what they’re working on.”

Kim Appel, activities director for Student Government Association, said the decision was made by both students and faculty to benefit everyone who would be involved in the program.

“It was just a decision made to look out for student groups on campus,” Appel said. “There just wouldn’t be enough time for the groups to adequately prepare a skit and float for Follies.”

To make sure there is still a little competition involved during the weekend, SGA is currently holding a banner competition.

“Each residence hall and each Greek wing in Worth Hills was invited to post a banner outside their areas,” Billings said. “It is similar to Frog Follies, where there is judging by outside judges, and there will be cash prizes at the end of the week.”

Though Frog Follies will not be held this semester, Billings said, he hopes it will be rescheduled for sometime next semester.

“We’re hoping to move it into the spring and maybe work it in with the Greek Week festivities,” Billings said. “But at this point, there is no set date.”

Brooke Peoples, a sophomore radio-TV-film major is the homecoming chair for Pi Beta Phi sorority. She said though she was disappointed that Frog Follies is not during Homecoming, she thinks rescheduling it in the spring would be a success.

“I’m sad because I was really looking forward to participating in the skits,” Peoples said. “But I think it would go great with Greek Week, and it will give us a lot more time to be creative.