IFC proposal outlines punishment for bid-day fight

A proposal regarding the punishments for four fraternities involved in a bid-night fight has been finalized.The fraternities involved in the fight will do community service hours as their proposed punishment, according to the Interfraternity Council’s sanction proposal.

The proposal was released Thursday evening by James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life after the final draft was presented to him by IFC Chief Justice Dane Pearson.

The punishment will not be final until Campus Life has approved it, Pearson said.

“I really hope it stays the way it is, because then it really proves that we can really govern ourselves,” Pearson said.

The fight occurred Aug. 29 and led to the arrests of three fraternity members. Two of the members were from Phi Delta Theta and the other was from Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

IFC had a Judicial Board hearing Sept. 16 to discuss sanctions for Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. According to the proposal, the delineation of community service hours among the fraternities involved came in 25 hour increments.

Delta Tau Delta is required to complete 25 service hours, the fewest of any of the involved parties. Phi Delta Theta has 50 hours, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has 75 hours and Phi Kappa Sigma has been issued a proposed 100 community service hours.

The hours were distributed based on testimony given during the hearing. It was decided that since Phi Kappa Sigma had the most involvement in the fight, it would be given the most hours, Pearson said.

Phi Kappa Sigma president Brandon Phillips said the sanctions were unfair as Phi Kappa Sigma has the most proposed community service hours.

“None of the Phi Kapp members were arrested,” Phillips said. “I don’t know why we got the most hours.”

Phillips said he wasn’t in the room when the decision was made.

According to the proposal, one of the goals of the community service is to promote unity between the fraternities. Pearson said the fraternities will work together on a community service project together through a TCU service organization.

The proposal stated Pearson appointed IFC president Matt DiLeo to oversee the voting process to prevent conflict of interest, as Pearson is a member of Delta Tau Delta.

The Judicial Board representatives of the involved fraternities were not allowed to cast a vote because of conflicting interests.

Susan Adams, dean of Campus Life, said Thursday evening she had not read the proposal.