Change might not be bad thing

Before I begin, big ups to Smoo for its underwhelming “Pony Up” campaign. If indifferent fans and a team stuck between awful and mediocre is what gets that Dallas crowd going, then Godspeed.It was like any other Saturday in college football. The sun was out, students were tailgating like it was a 9 to 5 job and of course, Notre Dame was losing. But with my family being in town and several Schieffer School projects looming over my head like the black cloud of death, I sat the game out and decided to come out of fan retirement.

If it hadn’t been for the usual high volume of coeds at the Greek tailgate and my dad ridiculing every Smoo fan in sight, not reporting on the game would have been a little weird.

The win against a rival is always something to celebrate, but didn’t it feel just a little unsatisfying? It was not as unsatisfying as this past season of “24,” but it was more like the unsatisfying feeling you get after you eat Chinese food. You liked it and you are happy, but wanted more and expected more.

Sure it was great to see both junior running back Aaron Brown and the team’s ability to play a quality second-half defense come back in impressive fashion, but the no-show job the offense had against a defense that had allowed 560 total yards a game through the first three weeks was a little disheartening. Of course, anything that comes in the same month as a story on Britney Spears’ YouTube fan should hardly be considered disheartening.

With that being said, it is amazing how much Brown changes the complexion of the offense when he’s on the field. Kind of like how Tori changed the landscape of “Saved by the Bell.” By the way, have we ever resolved what happened there?

And then there was the quarterback situation. I just shook my head a little bit upon hearing the subtle but noticeable “Marcus Jackson” chants in the first quarter. It was clear Dalton just did not have it on this night, and you have to applaud Gary Patterson and Mike Schultz for going with the guy they thought gave them the best chance to win at that time of the game. Like any other Frogs team of the past, they are going to need two guys under center this year, and maybe more than ever.

Fans can only hope the offense gets straightened out and the Dalton-Jackson situation gains clarity against an 0-3 Colorado State team that could very well be 3-0 right now if not for three or four plays. Getting the satisfaction in knowing they can thoroughly handle a team again is the next step awaiting the Frogs on Saturday.

As my parents and I were discussing the Iron Skillet game at IHOP of all places, you could slightly hear the table next to us talk about the day in college football.

“Did you hear Notre Dame lost again?” a man asked his wife.

It’s good to know some things will not be changing any time soon.