Letter to the Editor: Responsibility, willingness to ask questions in class helps students

As a faculty member, I could not disagree more with Ross Johnson (Oct. 3, “Think before posing question in class, spare other students”).Students have not only the right, but the personal responsibility to ask questions in class.

I have found most of the time, when one student asks a question, there are many others who were wondering the same thing.

Too often students refrain from asking questions because they fear other students will think they are dumb. What is really “dumb” is not asking a question that will help the student – and others – understand the material being presented.

If there is one student who does not understand the material while all the other students are ready to move to new material, that student and the professor should meet outside of class to resolve the issue.

I would like to encourage all students to be bold. Ask a question, learn something new.

Barbara Wood is an assistant professor of professional practice in finance at the Neeley School of Business.