SGA’s idea could strengthen ties

Athletics may be the only thing bringing together schools from the Mountain West Conference now, but there is a possibility student leaders may be solidifying that relationship on a deeper level.The student leaders from TCU and Utah plan to meet to exchange ideas about their respective student government systems in hopes of learning from each other’s mistakes and successes.

“Our goal is to have a Mountain West Conference convention where delegates from each university will come and hopefully resolutions for the future will be made,” SGA President Jace Thompson said.

At a time when regional rivalries in athletic games attract more attention than conference games, it will help for the schools to become more familiar with fellow conference members to foster camaraderie between athletes and fans.

Leadership exchanges are a great way to start.

The university has been working toward creating a community on campus, and SGA has commendably taken the initiative further by trying to create a community among universities. Student leaders at TCU and Utah have taken advantage of an already-established relationship through an athletics conference to improve efficiency within their respective campus systems.

“We want to start to build more community between schools,” said Spencer Pearson, Associated Students of the University of Utah president.

A community built on more than just athletics will be beneficial to leaders who face similar challenges, because it is through a competing array of ideas the most efficient one will emerge.

Although the exchange is only in the planning stages right now, the preliminary meeting with Utah could be the beginning of a more sustainable conference relationship.

Features editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.