International chef to cook on campus

A Peruvian chef will be on campus today to cook up South American dishes as part of Sodexho’s 2007 Global Chef Program.Chef Juan Carlos Barzola, from TCU’s meal provider Sodexho, will prepare unique dishes from Peru and other South American countries. He will conduct demonstrations of meal preparations that students can get involved in. Students will have an opportunity to interact with him and get a ‘hands-on’ cooking experience.

Legia Abato, marketing manager for TCU Dining Services, said Barzola was chosen from a group of global chefs.

Barzola will visit about 15 different campuses in his one-month stay, Abato said. She said Barzola is a corporate chef from Peru and is here to educate students about Peruvian foods.

Barzola will also be conducting a dessert demonstration in the Quantity Foods class, a nutrition science class for TCU nutrition students, faculty and staff at 9 a.m. in the Bass Building.

Shawn Kornegay, the assistant director of communications, said she wants nutrition students to learn not just the professional development of cooking, but also the cultural aspect.

“Nutrition students can learn from a chef out in the work force and also learn Peruvian food types and techniques,” Kornegay said.

Barzola will also be preparing Peruvian dishes for other students in The Main from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kornegay said this is an opportunity for the rest of TCU students to see a “high-level caliber chef.”

Kornegay said students will be able to see and taste foods they may have never encountered before.

Abato said she and the Global Chef Program have the same goal of wanting to teach students about different foods and cultures. Abato said TCU tries to host the Global Chef Program every year, but so far it has been every other year.

According to the program’s Web site, the Sodexho Education Market Champion initiated the Global Chef Program in 2003. The program is an international chef residency that provides an opportunity for Sodexho’s top chefs to travel to different countries and share their international cuisine with local students, faculty and staff.

Warren Jaferian, vice president of the World Wide Education Market of Sodexho, said the program serves hospitals and schools.

Jaferian said the main goal of Sodexho and the Global Chef Program is to serve students a variety of foods.

“We want to bring something new, different and unique,” Jaferian said. “This program also helps international students feel closer to home.”

Jaferian said it is good that students can learn more about Peru and its food because food and culture is so intertwined.