She said: Quality of men on campus inferior to that of women

Men once chose to exclude women from higher education; now they choose to exclude themselves. A recent article in the Star-Telegram stated BMOC – Big Man On Campus – might as well mean “Boys Missing On Campus.”

Females make up 58 percent of TCU’s student body, about 1 percent above the national average. For this reason, I would like to introduce the acronym WMMOC – Women Missing Men On Campus.

I don’t miss the men who aren’t around as much as I miss the men in the boys who are.

I think it’s safe to say that most TCU women are beautiful on the outside, but as for TCU men…

Please don’t be offended.

Your Playboy has spoken, rating TCU women No. 2 in the nation in 2003. (At least that’s what they say. I’ve heard this over and over, but cannot find proof.)

Everything looks good if you’re a TCU boy, but for TCU women, it’s not so pretty. The dating scene favors the minority. They raise their standards; we lower ours.

It’s really quite simple, and yet hard to recover from.

I don’t want to discredit the right of the autonomous individual to maintain high moral standards of behavior in an imbalanced gender situation. But with so many of us and so few of them, one thing is obvious – the men come out on top.


You’ll find them on top of Worth Hills every bid day in a sort of mock celebration of fresh meat on campus.

I don’t doubt some men, in a sea of beautiful women, can see the inner beauty of a female. I’ve just never encountered such a man; and if I do, I’ll treasure his rare qualities and keep them secret, as they are rare to come by and soothing to the soul.

As for the men who aren’t around, please join your gender in the classroom.

A 2005 Postsecondary Education Opportunity Report mentioned in the article, says “unfulfilled male education potential diminishes economic, social, political, mental and spiritual health.”

Not to mention presenting women with limited choices.

Unlike the Marine Corps, we’re looking for more than a few good men.

Ashleigh Whaley is a senior news-editorial journalism major from Austin.