Dorm renovations to take place

Student dormitories on TCU’s campus will soon undergo a major makeover.Sherley Hall will be completely gutted to make way for new entities and features, said Harold Leeman, associate director of the TCU Physical Plant.

“The interior of the building will be gutted in a similar fashion as the College of Education was last spring,” Leeman said. “New rooms, laundry rooms, day rooms, study rooms (and) bathrooms will be replaced. An elevator or two will be added, as well.”

Craig Allen, director of residential services, said the construction will begin at the end of May 2009, and the dorm should be reopened by that July.

Construction on Clark and Jarvis Halls will begin in December 2007, as soon as students are out of the building after finals, Allen said.

Allen said students living in Clark and Jarvis halls will reside in the dorms that are a part of the Campus Commons project during the fall. These dorms include Amon G. Carter, Kellye Wright Samuelson, Teresa and Luther King, and Mary and Robert J. Wright halls.

The Sherley renovation is in the early stages of planning, Allen said. With the kickoff meeting for the project held last week, Allen said, there are still many questions about the project, but soon, students will receive answers.

“There will be a number of meetings with students and housing staff to get input on the project from these groups,” Leeman said.

Allen said the meetings will act as focus group discussions where students can give their input and the university can receive feedback.

Once the details are all put together, more information, including costs, will be provided about the renovation, Allen said.

“It’s an exciting thing to talk about now,” Allen said. “But once things get rolling on the project, everything will become more clear to both students and staff.”

Ann Zeis, a sophomore communications major, lived in Sherley Hall her freshman year. She said the renovation couldn’t come soon enough.

“I wish it was renovated by the time I lived there,” Zeis said. “But with the new dorms, I don’t think Sherley could go without being changed. I’d feel sorry for the girls who would have to look out their windows at the new dorm.”

Zeis said when she was a freshman, Colby Hall was the favorable dorm. Now she said she’s glad Sherley Hall is improving.