Police identify man suspected of harassing phone calls to KTCU

Police say they have identified a man they think is responsible for a harassing phone call that led to the temporary closure of KTCU FM 88.7 “The Choice.”TCU Police took the case Tuesday night, when a KTCU disc jockey became uncomfortable after an angry listener called complaining about the station’s format, leading to a temporary evacuation of the station located in Moudy Building South.

Police have identified the caller and have a picture of him, said Steve McGee, TCU police chief.

McGee said the suspect is in his late 30s and according to a police database, was never a TCU student or employee. McGee said he couldn’t disclose the man’s name because of legal reasons.

McGee said the legalities of notifying the campus of the suspect’s identity are still in the works.

“We’re about 100 percent sure it’s him,” McGee said.

Police have yet to get in touch with the suspect, McGee said, but when they find him they will warn the suspect and issue a criminal trespass warning.

The criminal trespass warning would prohibit the suspect from coming to campus and would enable police to arrest him if he were seen on campus, McGee said.

McGee said because there isn’t a criminal charge against the suspect, police wouldn’t otherwise be able to arrest him.

“At this time, he does not pose a threat to the university,” McGee said.

J.C. Williams, assistant chief of police, and Detective Vicki Lawson tried to contact the suspect yesterday, McGee said. Police visited two different addresses but could not get in touch with him.

Williams said police made contact with relatives of the suspect and told them to tell the suspect he is not allowed to come to campus and to have him contact police.

Lt. Ramiro Abad, who informed Scott about the suspect, said police are still ensuring the suspect’s identity and looking into all the leads.

Russell Scott, KTCU station manager, said he was notified Thursday evening police had a suspect in the investigation. Scott said the atmosphere at KTCU is “fine” but students are taking extra precautions.

“Police are doing a good job as far as I can tell,” Scott said.

One DJ felt secure at the station because of the extra police patrols and the locked station door, the DJ said.

“We’re all devoted to doing a good job here,” the DJ said. “We work hard, but callers get on our backs and hassle us.