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Dance showcase to be dedicated to alumna

The School for Classical and Contemporary Dance is presenting its fall concert Friday through Sunday in Ed Landreth Auditorium.Elizabeth Gillaspy, associate professor of ballet, said the dance department plans a fully produced concert every semester that is choreographed by faculty and guest artists.

“It is a concert of five different works,” Gillaspy said. “They are all very different and present a wide range of dance styles and techniques.”

Ellen Shelton, chairwoman and associate professor of modern dance, said this performance will be dedicated to Linda Kaye, who died from cancer in October.

Shelton said Kaye took pictures for the dance department for years and some of those pictures will be on display in the lobby of Ed Landreth Auditorium this weekend.

Senior modern dance major Melinda Castro said the concert will consist of three modern and two ballet pieces.

“This is the weekend we look forward to all semester,” Castro said. “It is a rare opportunity that people can come to one concert and get exposed to so many different styles of dance.”

Tess Bernard, a senior ballet and physics major, said they have been preparing for this performance all semester.

“As a senior, this concert feels like a culmination of all I’ve learned, and it gives me an opportunity to show that to my peers,” Bernard said.

Bernard said the concert will be entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

“A lot of people don’t know what they are missing when it comes to modern dance and ballet,” Bernard said. “It will open their minds up to a wider culture and a larger sense of what is out there.”

Gillaspy said everyone is very excited and ready to perform these pieces.

“This is where their hearts lie,” Gillaspy said. “These students have poured their hearts and souls into this performance.

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