Tim’s Take: Win out, then it’s off to Houston

Amid all the chaos known as my life, I found some time to sort through the rather large pile of clothes on my bedroom floor – a pile that could be easily mistaken for a little podunk town just outside of Lubbock.Some of the things I found included a Styx concert stub, my McLovin T-shirt and my “Mighty Ducks” trilogy. There were also some things I didn’t want to stumble upon such as my “Beat Texas” T-shirt.


If it couldn’t get any worse, I found the movie “Bobby” lying next to the wrinkled purple shirt.


But two days following loss No. 5, I found something that brought a smile to my face. It was a picture of me standing with my friends Ben and Ross inside Reliant Stadium in Houston during the final minutes of the now defunct EV1.net Houston Bowl.

It was TCU football at one of its highest points, and it was as special of a moment as I have experienced during my time at TCU.

A lot has changed since then.

Sandwich shops have gone up around campus at a rate that would make even Starbucks executives hesitate.

Students can no longer jump into Frog Fountain.

The Frogs aren’t a top-10 team.

But you know what? Even with people calling this season a lost cause and all the injuries and distractions on and off the field, the Frogs find themselves hoping to land back in Clutch City, assuming they win the final two games.

The Texas Bowl, formerly the Houston Bowl, has decided Conference USA is worthy of a bowl tie-in. Luckily for teams like TCU, Conference USA and its six bowl tie-ins – two more than the Mountain West, mind you – is struggling to get five teams, let alone six, at bowl eligibility. In other words, the Texas Bowl officials might be thinking purple if TCU is in the mix.

I just want to go back to “Bobby” for a minute. It was a movie full of potential with a great cast and an interesting story. Yes, it flopped, but isn’t it funny how there are some parallels with TCU’s season?

Think about it. Loaded cast, tons of potential and a quality story to boot if it was executed properly. Of course, we know how it played out and how this season has gone thus far, but Gary Patterson’s crew has the chance to save face by winning out and hoping for a trip to Houston.

Do what “Bobby” did not have the chance to do.