Fraternity to host pageant, award scholarship money

Alpha Phi Alpha will crown its ninth Ms. Black and Gold – the recipient of $1,000 in scholarship money – at the annual pageant today.This evening in the Student Center ballroom, Alpha Phi Alpha will judge eight contestants to see who is eligible to hold the crown and title of Ms. Black and Gold.

The ninth annual Ms. Black and Gold pageant serves to promote scholarship in the community, said Gary Briggs, a sophomore political science major and member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He said scholarship is one of the major aims of the organization.

“At the beginning of the fall semester, Alpha Phi Alpha advertises an interest meeting,” said Tiffany Willis, a junior psychology major and Ms. Black and Gold 2006. “At this meeting they let the girls know what is involved and see if this is what they want to do.

There are multiple parts to the pageant, Willis said.

“Before the actual pageant,” Willis said, “the girls are interviewed by a panel and talk about their strengths, weaknesses and why they want to be Ms. Black and Gold.”

The pageant begins with a group dance by the contestants, followed by their personal introductions, an evening gown and swimsuit section and the presentation of the contestants’ talents.

“This year we have talents that include dancing, playing piano and spoken word,” said Jason Wallace, a senior advertising/public relations major and the president of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Winners of Ms. Black and Gold will receive scholarship prize money. The first place contestant will receive $1,000, the second place contestant will receive $500 and the third place contestant will receive $250.

“Judging the contestants will be TCU professors, faculty and staff,” Wallace said, “and we always have one graduate from the fraternity come back and judge.”

After winning the local competition, the winner will go to the district competition, followed by the state competition in Houston and then the national competition in Washington, D.C., Wallace said.