Tim’s Take: Holiday allows time to give thanks to all

Well, it is that time of the year again.Yep, a time where Christmas lights go up faster than the start of searches for new football coaches at Baylor and SMU.

You know, a time when people will get a head start on buying whatever Hannah Montana apparel is available, hoping to avoid any confrontation with the Suburban-driving soccer mom on her second Starbucks grande caramel macchiato.

It definitely sounds like Thanksgiving.

Overlooking a holiday that gives us John Madden’s annual half-hour thesis of how Turducken should be the newest food group included in the food pyramid is downright wrong.

Aside from catching up with what high school friends have or have not done with their lives during the past four years and eating enough food to feed the country of Somalia, it is always kind of nice to sit back, reflect and give thanks to some of those who keep us sane and well, insane.

I give thanks to the men’s and women’s basketball programs for getting off to such strong starts.

Having a player with the skill set of Adrianne Ross and seeing a player who could be reaching his full talent in Brent Hackett should bring excitement to campus and put more than 200 butts in the seats.

I give thanks to Festus Kigen for putting TCU back on the map in cross-country with his trip to the NCAA Championships.

Not only does this guy run like his life is hanging in the balance every time, but I also saw him help out at a men’s basketball game recently. This guy does so many things so well I would not be surprised to see him lending a hand to the Deco Deli ladies during a lunch surge.

I give thanks to the student fans. Well, not really.

There is no excuse for why Saturday’s football game had such a poor showing in the student section. Granted, TABC was about as cool as getting a disease during Saturday’s student tailgate, but that should never deter us from supporting the men that have given TCU some incredible memories the past four or five years.

We are all better than that.

I give thanks to the senior football players.

You busted heads and ended your careers at Amon Carter Stadium in decisive fashion. Even that stupid Runnin’ Rebel mascot had a red mark across his face on the way back to Las Vegas.

Finally, I want to give thanks to the football schedule-makers.

They had to have predicted the kind of season TCU is having when they scheduled the team for three Thursday games. The Frogs’ reward? Back-to-back games against two programs that will ultimately save TCU’s bowl hopes.

And to all the other sports that make my life easier, props to you as well.

So go ahead. Eat that Turducken and an extra slice of pie, and remember that there is good happening all around us.

Just do anything to keep the inflatable snow globe down before Thursday.