SGA presidential veto justified

The Student Government Association overstepped its bounds.The Student House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday asking KTCU FM 88.7 “The Choice” to reinstate its jazz programming.

Fortunately, Jace Thompson, student body president, vetoed the resolution Wednesday.

Thompson recognized what those who voted for the bill should have – it’s simply not SGA’s place to police other organizations on campus, and allowing the bill to go through would set a dangerous precedent.

Imagine SGA trying to tell the Horned Frog yearbook what to put on the book’s cover or telling the Wesley Foundation when to hold its services.

Or, imagine the Texas House of Representatives coming down on 103.7 Lite FM for starting to play Christmas music soon after Halloween.

It just wouldn’t be the Texas House’s place, just like it’s not SGA’s place.

All of SGA certainly isn’t to blame, though.

In fact, discussing the bill took time away from other more worthy issues to debate something that was outside the organization’s area of responsibility.

Trying to regulate another student-run organization is simply a disappointing use of time for a governing body that’s supposed to represent the student body.

Policing another organization’s taste and what music genre is on the radio doesn’t serve students’ interests.

Certainly if the radio station were doing something that was harming the campus, SGA would be applauded for taking action.

But when it comes to influencing the station’s format, complaining to the radio station could have been carried out much better as a petition to the station or as a phone call to one of the station’s managers.

As the station’s program director said Tuesday, the staff already aims to tailor the music to students’ needs. If the station thought students wanted jazz, there would be more jazz on the air already.

Editor-in-chief Andrew Chavez for the editorial board.