Graduation: Senior dance class prepares winter showcase

Thirteen is the number this holiday season. It’s the name of the show produced and choreographed by 13 seniors, set to graduate in either May or December. The School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at TCU will present a senior showcase concert Dec. 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. The show, called “13.0,” will be presented at the Studio B Theatre inside the TCU Ballet and Modern Dance Building.

The show consists of modern and ballet dances created by the students, said Susan Roberts, associate professor of modern dance.

“They’re in control of the entire show,” Roberts said. “It was produced and choreographed by them.”

Roberts said having a show choreographed by all women is unusual.

“The last time we had all girls was probably in 1998, and maybe in 1999,” Roberts said.

The fall shows have been going on since 1994, Roberts said.

With a mix of ballet and modern dance, “13.0” will show the invention and creativity of the students, Roberts said.

“The shows are unique in performance, and they have a contemporary emphasis,” Roberts said.

The senior dance students are enrolled in the class Choreography IV: Senior Capstone, taught by Roberts. She said the dancers in the class have worked since August to make the show possible. However, the dancers only started three and a half weeks ago on the dance pieces for the show.

Madeline Day, a senior ballet and modern dance major, said she spends five hours in class and three to four hours in rehearsals. Day has choreographed a six minute, 30 second routine and will be doing the lighting effects for her show.

Like Day, the other students in the class will each be performing in a show and have choreographed one routine.

Halley Willcox, a modern dance major, said even though the dancers only had about a month to prepare the pieces, it was doable.

“We do two shows a year,” Willcox said. “The one in the fall is informal, and the one in the spring is more formal.”

Roberts, who has been at TCU for more than 20 years, said the students work hard.

“They’re doing a super job,” she said. “It’s been a terrific training ground for the dancers; we graduate really smart dancers.