Student body president’s veto should be applauded

I would like to congratulate SGA President Jace Thompson on his veto of the pointless and tyrannical bill to bring jazz music back to KTCU. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with jazz whatsoever. I am even attending the TCU Jazz Ensemble’s concert Thursday.

Nevertheless, to waste time formulating, talking about, and then voting for a bill just to bring back a genre of music is not only selfish, but a misuse of power.

Editor-in-chief Andrew Chavez nailed it when he used the example of the Texas House forcing a local radio station to play certain music at a certain time. It is a violation of the freedom of not only the programmers of the radio station, but of the listeners, as well.

In the case here at TCU, students have not made a significant protest or request to bring back jazz music. If they did, I am confident that the programmers of KTCU would appease their requests.

I would once again like to congratulate Thompson for his excellent decision-making and beg the writers and supporters of this bill to truly use their power properly, instead of using it to force their own agendas.

Spenser Davis is a freshman radio-TV-film major from Fort Worth.