University bookstore back in business

University bookstore back in business

See inside the TCU Bookstore

After two years of waiting, the TCU bookstore has replaced the temporary 11-trailer store setup.

General Manager Llisa Lewis said the new store is the result of hard work from various people, including a planning committee of faculty, staff and students.

“The original plans were to renovate the old building, but after the fire we had to rethink all that,” Lewis said. “The result is this beautiful building that is not only a great gift for the students and faculty of TCU, but also for the surrounding community.”

Brian Gutierrez, vice chancellor for finance and administration, said the final price tag for the new store is $7.5 million, funded by a joint venture between TCU and Barnes & Noble.

Lewis said the new store measures 34,000 square feet and houses four tons of books, including 1,600 textbook titles and roughly 77,000 general titles. The store carries 90 different magazine titles, 26 cash registers and 102 employees.

New bookstore services include a Wi-Fi-ready, 65-seat cafe and outdoor patio, a new children’s section and a full Clinique counter that is scheduled to open Jan. 21.

Along with the new services TCU hopes to solve some of the parking problems associated with the bookstore. Lewis said the trailers that used to be the bookstore will be leaving toward the end of January and will be turned into the bookstore’s parking lot.

“I compare TCU’s campus to a house, and we’re the new front door,” Lewis said. “People may never get to see every room in the house, but they will get a great impression when they walk in TCU’s new front door.”

Katrina Guinn, a freshman nursing major, said she likes TCU’s new front door.

“It’s so cute to watch parents read to their kids in the new children’s section,” Guinn said.

Joey Chamberlin, a sophomore religion major, said his parents may not enjoy his bookstore spending.

“My parents are going to hate me because all I’m going to do is spend money on all the cool stuff they have in there,” Chamberlin said.

Starting Jan. 28, the bookstore will begin its weeklong grand opening, Lewis said. Bookstore employees wanted to wait until after the book rush to start the grand opening festivities, Lewis said.

Chancellor Victor Boschini announced Jan. 28 to be students’ day at the bookstore. Students are invited to come to the bookstore to enter raffles, listen to a steel drum band and taste free samples at the cafe.