Faculty displays artwork in exhibition

The Department of Art and Art History opened its most recent exhibit, “Insights,” Friday evening with a reception to celebrate its contributing artists, several faculty members.

The exhibit, which opened Jan. 14, consists of 27 pieces including paintings and photographs.

“The exhibit is a collaboration between faculty members to share pieces from their bodies of work,” said Gavin Morrison, curator of University Art Galleries.

“Insights” has been an annual event for as long as Ronald Watson, chair of the Department of Art and Art History and director of the University Art Galleries, said he can remember. Watson said the exhibit has been the department’s opportunity to share faculty members’ work with students and the public since at least 1982.

“We need to be able to show people in the community what the TCU faculty is doing,” Watson said.

Simone Riford, sophomore studio art major, walked through the exhibit with friends Friday evening to see the work her professors had completed.

“It’s interesting and helpful to see where you can go with what they’re teaching you,” Riford said.

Each piece is listed in the gallery as being created within the last two years, so the show varies from year to year.

“Students who have been paying attention see several different versions of this show during their time at TCU,” Watson said.

While most pieces hung on the walls, two items occupied space in the middle of the floor. Assistant professor Chris Powell’s artwork consists of a music stand and small table, both layered with plaster.

“I collect castoff furniture and use it to build off of, as I did for these pieces,” Powell said.

In addition to the attendees from Friday night, Watson said he hopes more people will take the time to come by and see the exhibit in the future.

“We don’t have parking, so it’s hard for the general public to come in,” Watson said. “This is a destination, not just some place that you walk by all the time.”

WHERE: University Art Gallery (Moudy Building North)
WHEN: Jan. 14 through Feb. 3
WHAT: “Insights” 8212; TCU Art Faculty Exhibition