Frog Camp in London, summer 2008

Frog Camp in London, summer 2008

Some incoming Frogs will jump the pond for a seven-day Frog Camp this summer, the director of the First Year Experience said.

Thirty-six incoming freshman honors students may attend Frog Camp in London this summer from July 1 to 8, according to the Student Development Services Web site. Incoming honors students for fall 2008 are the first to have the opportunity to experience Frog Camp internationally.

On the trip, students will visit Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Globe and National Theatres and British museums and stay at the TCU London Centre while participating in activities that will help students feel connected to the university, said Carrie Zimmerman, director of First Year Experience.

Honors Program directors approached First Year Experience, which made Frog Camp London an honors-only pilot program, said Ronald Pitcock, assistant director of the Honors Program. Pitcock submitted the proposal at the request of the director of the Honors Program, Peggy Watson.

The TCU London Centre allowed Frog Camp and the Honors Program to collaborate for Frog Camp London. Watson liked the idea of a joint Frog Camp with the Honors Program and the idea of an international camp, especially in London, Pitcock said.

“It’s London,” Pitcock said. “There is so much in terms of history, literature, theater, culture and economics. It just seems like a good place to take a group of honors students.”

Students will participate in the same small group activities as every other Frog Camp while also exploring London, Zimmerman said.

In addition to touring the city, the Honors Program arranged for incoming freshmen to meet alumni “who are living out the global experience” in their professional lives, Pitcock said.

The six Frog Camp facilitators will be returning Frog Camp facilitators. Zimmerman said First Year Experience would try to choose facilitators who were part of the Honors Program, though it is not definite that all facilitators will be honors students. Applications are due by 5 p.m. today.

Honors Program directors, who are currently in London, will finalize the exact itinerary in terms of excursions and meals, Pitcock said.

Zimmerman said the cost of the trip for the incoming freshmen and for the university depends on the final plans from the Honors Program, but the university will pay the vast majority of the cost.