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Dougherty’s attempts to gain student support commendable

At this point last season, the men’s basketball team had a 10-8 record and had lost its fourth consecutive game.

That loss was near the beginning of an abysmal 11-game losing streak. However, one year later, the team is in a different position with an 11-6 record and sole possession of second place in the Mountain West Conference, which sent two teams to the NCAA Tournament and two teams to the National Invitational Tournament last year.

There is reason to celebrate and applaud this team and its mission to erase back-to-back losing campaigns, and head coach Neil Dougherty is going above the call of duty to gain student support.

His visits to six fraternities and sororities to try and gather student interest in Horned Frogs basketball is a commendable task.

Bear in mind last year, when TCU played host to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the stands were only 75 percent full. Not only were 1,700 seats vacant, but the team kept up with legendary coach Bobby Knight most of the evening.

By gaining support from various organizations, Dougherty is putting a face with the name for his program. Athletes are students too, and one of the ways to try and start a winning program is by giving fans something to believe in.

It seems that athletes and coaches try to avoid the spotlight of students outside the lines, but Dougherty’s Horned Frogs want to be a part of the TCU lifestyle.

This week the Horned Frogs have a chance to draw even at the top of the conference. This is a reason to celebrate, to cheer, to storm the court when a marquee opponent is defeated in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum and most of all, a reason to be proud.

Dougherty wants his team to be rooted for on the home court.

He has made an effort and so should Horned Frog Nation.

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