Residence hall competition parallels MTV Cribs

Residence hall competition parallels MTV Cribs

The Residence Hall Association and Residential Services are teaming up to determine who has the coolest campus crib, a coordinator of the program said.

Luke Morrill, Waits Hall director and coordinator of the program, said a combination of the popular TV show, “MTV Cribs,” and his experience with a similar event at Arkansas Tech University inspired him to organize the competition.

In the past, TCU tour guides have chosen specific rooms to showcase the residential options on campus, Morrill said. Winning rooms, he said, will be showcased by tour guides on campus tours.

“Adding the competitive element to the process will result in a better product that current students can take pride in and prospective students will be impressed with,” he said.

Each residential hall is having its own competition to decide an all-hall winner. In coed dorms, male and female winners will be chosen. Each hall has implemented its own voting system. All-hall winners must be chosen by Jan. 28, Morrill said.

Morrill said Waits Hall has two participants so far but expects a last-minute flood of entries.

Elizabeth Carter, a representative from Colby Hall, said she expects the same from Colby residents.

“Hopefully my inbox will be flooded with entries by the end of the day,” she said.

Candace Williams, a Carter Hall resident, said she entered the competition because she enjoys participating in hall events and activities.

Williams, a senior communication studies major in the pre-law program, said she is happy the competition promotes student involvement in attracting prospective students to campus.

Williams said her room is the coolest campus crib because it is non-traditional. Her goal in designing the room was to have it resemble her room at home, she said.

She added lamps, hung pictures and color-coordinated accessories to bring her vision to life.

“You can really make your room a home away from home,” Williams said.

Residential Services will send a professional photographer to photograph each hall’s winning room and the pictures will be posted on Residential Services’ Web site, Morrill said. On-campus residents will be able to vote online for their favorite campus crib Feb. 4 through Feb. 8.

All students are invited to an RHA Campus Crib announcement party Feb. 13 that will include food, drinks and music, he said.

Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place winners. Morrill said the prizes have not yet been determined but he said he was positive the winners will not be disappointed.