Letter to the editor: More Vegan options a good thing

Thank you for Alex Zobel’s informative article exploring the many reasons why a growing number of people from coast to coast – even in Cowtown – are choosing to eat vegan foods.

No matter how you slice it, eating meat contributes to a variety of ailments (such as heart disease, various cancers and diabetes), environmental degradation and animal suffering.

While consumers increasingly discover the benefits of vegan eating, restaurants, grocery stores and campus cafeterias everywhere are responding by offering more meat, egg and dairy-free options. It’s unfortunate, however, that Dining Services at TCU is lagging behind.

Thankfully, restaurants like the all-vegan Spiral Diner and Bakery are making it easier for people to eat healthier and more humanely.

Erica Meier is the executive director of Compassion Over Killing.