Library to stay open 24 hours on weekdays next semester

After years of asking, students will have 24-hour library access on weekdays next semester, a library administrator said.

June Koelker, dean of the library, said the new hours for the library will benefit students, especially because more of the student body is living on campus.

“Students have been talking about this for the last three or four years,” said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs. “In the last year the usage in the library has escalated because more students are living on campus, and the library is offering many resources students need and want.”

Students such as senior biology major Kim Hawthorne who often study in the library until they are asked to leave at closing time say the campus has been overdue for this change.

“I think it’s a good idea for people who function better with studying at odd hours,” Hawthorne said.

Although Hawthorne is graduating in May, she said it is good to see the campus taking steps to give students a safe place to study late at night.

Students may also see the University Recreation Center gain additional hours, and the Brown-Lupton Student Center is scheduled to be open until 3 a.m. next semester, Mills said.

Although students have wanted these changes for more than three years, Mills said the university did not have the money to budget additional hours in the library until now.

Darron Turner, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs and chair of staff assembly, is working with Mills to see how these changes might affect faculty and staff members.

Turner said the library is the first step in making the campus more student-friendly at night, and the process of hiring more employees for night shifts will begin soon.

In addition to hiring new employees Koelker said, a security desk near the front entrance will be installed. Koelker said she will be working directly with Steve McGee, TCU Police chief, to determine exactly what needs to be purchased in terms of security equipment.

Koelker said the library will provide a quality learning environment that is safe and secure.

“We have had a very high percentage of TCU students in the library on a regular basis,” Koelker said. “The library has been open 24 hours for exam week for a number of years and with the current patterns, it is logical to expect that some of the building usage will shift to the new hours.”