Movie Review: ‘Fool’s Gold’ just another romantic comedy

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are together again.

Fool’s Gold” provides a natural romantic comedy combined with a minor sense of adventure, attempting to hold the male attention, which is something that does not occur often.

Unfortunately, this film is just another predictable bore with its scattered humor and childish theme. If a romantic treasure hunt is not what’s desired, seek elsewhere.

Although Hudson and McConaughey certainly have on-camera chemistry, viewers are left with a script that fails to provide cinematic entertainment.

Andy Tennant’s “Fool’s Gold” portrays two divorced treasure-hunters seeking a sunken Spanish galleon from the 1700s. Along the way he sinks his wife’s newly acquired boat, runs out of money and is almost killed several times. This is where the action of the film steps in, when the viewer experiences gun-battles, aerial stunts and even death. Don’t worry ladies, they are not evident enough to bother you. It is simply a way to keep your boyfriend entertained.

Hudson and McConaughey’s on-screen romance appears as if they were made for each other. Even with a lacking script, this comical romance may be all that is needed to satisfy the movie watcher.