Frog Fountain being prepared for return

Frog Fountain being prepared for return

The familiar sound of running water briefly returned to the center of campus Wednesday afternoon.

Frog Fountain, the iconic structure in the Campus Commons, is undergoing tests before a dedication in mid-March.

“Today is one of the only times we’ll be turning it off and on,” said Harold Leeman, associate director for major projects with the Physical Plant.

There is no specific date set yet for the dedication, but the preparation and testing process will be going on for the next two to three weeks, said Lisa Albert, communications specialist.

Although the waterfalls gracing the lily pads were flowing Wednesday, the spectacle was short lived.

“We’re just testing it and it will be drained again tonight (Wednesday),” Leeman said.

Leeman said he didn’t know how many gallons of water flowed through the fountain daily, but said the fountain water is recycled just like most city fountains and the previous Frog Fountain.

Some precautions taken to prevent wasting water include a wind gauge feature on the fountain. This keeps the fountain from losing water during high winds that may push some of the extra flow out of the fountain pool.

During dryer times, the fountain will not be pumping if a lot of evaporation occurs, Leeman said.

The fountain was taken down in May 2006 and moved to make room for the construction of the new residence halls. During the fountain’s time off campus, several improvements were made, including new cooper lily pads, a different pool and water jets that shoot from the base of the fountain.

The landscape surrounding the fountain may not look the same as in 2006, but the clock is now ticking on when the fountain will be fully back in business.