Resolution aims to hush college gossip Web site

A resolution condemning a gossip Web site was passed unanimously by the Student Government Association‘s House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Student Body President Thomas Pressly said is “sick and disgusting” and “derogatory toward TCU students.”

Pressly said visitors to JuicyCampus are allowed to anonymously post derogatory information about other students.

The site currently services 60 campuses nationwide, including TCU, Southern Methodist University and Baylor University, according to the site.

The resolution was broken down into four parts. First, it called for TCU administrators to encourage students to stay off of the site. It also asked the university to encourage panel discussions to inform TCU students of the harmful effects of the Web site.

Student Body Vice President Brett Major said the risk of exposing students to the existence of JuicyCampus is worth the desired outcome, which is discouraging use.

The resolution also called for Pressly to send letters to companies that advertise on JuicyCampus, requesting that they terminate relations with the Web site. Pressly also said he plans to mail other student body presidents, urging them to do the same.

Despite its condemnation of JuicyCampus, SGA doesn’t plan to try to ban the Web site on campus.

“I don’t feel that if it were blocked it would make a difference,” Pressly said. “Many students live off campus. We need to encourage students to stop visiting altogether.”

Chancellor Victor Boschini said in an e-mail that he supports SGA’s action in condemning JuicyCampus, calling the Web site “infantile and offensive.”

He said the administration has no plans to ban JuicyCampus either. Instead, Boschini encouraged students to stop visiting the site.

Boschini said the Web site will only be powerful as long as students continue to visit it.

Matt Ivester, JuicyCampus’ founder, was traveling during press time and could not be reached for comment.