Vagina Monologues to educate men too

It is a taboo avoided by men. Most people think only bra-burning feminists will be attending. However, everyone should go.

The Vagina Monologues will be at TCU during V-Week and is open to both sexes.

The play was started to stop and reduce violence against women. Contrary to what some people may think, it was not created out of hate toward men but as a way to inform women about their bodies. The Vagina Monologues deals with how society treats the topic of women’s sexuality and what can happen to women in different situations that audience members can relate to.

Although negative portrayal of male-female sexual relationships are in the performance, it is not the subject of the play. The first way to stop violence against not only women, but also men is to educate, and that is what The Vagina Monologues does.

The efforts TCU is taking to educate students about such a controversial topic is admirable. All students, both male and female, should take a minute out of their busy schedules to understand the topics and issues affecting the female gender.

Every person should respect that the purpose of the monologues are to empower women, make them feel equal, help them not to be ashamed of their sexuality and to make rape and violence against women known in order to stop it. That is a fantastic and admirable cause that should be supported.

It will not empty your wallet or make you fall asleep. Therefore, everyone should go spend $5 and hear what exactly the voices of vaginas have to say.