Campus eateries’ replacement not sufficient

I’ve got the perfect solution to the already much-maligned dining program: Close two of the most popular, not to mention healthy, locations.

The closing of Deco Deli and Edens in March will leave many TCU students wondering what healthy options they have for lunch.

Not only are there two fewer options where students can eat, but also the new option that replaces it, a hot dog cart, is not exactly health-conscious.

There may be many hot dog fans on campus, but stuffing one down between classes every day is a little much – you can already hear your arteries complaining.

Edens’ cashier Lilly Parrish was left wondering, “What are we going to do?” The solution: Eat off campus.

But many students who live on campus don’t have that luxury. In an industry where more health-conscious options are popping up every day, TCU is doing the exact opposite.

Sure, this is only temporary, and it’s part of the campus construction effort, but with a little more planning, this problem could have been solved. The reality is TCU is more concerned with what happens down the road than what affects students who go to the university now.

But until the new student center opens, just like Parrish we’re all going to be wondering the same question.

For now, see as many of Peter’s cooking performances as you can and try not to think about that sad day when you will no longer hear “baby” after every question about your sandwich.