Short-lived fire behind frat house scorches bushes

Short-lived fire behind frat house scorches bushes

The Fort Worth Fire Department responded to a call Monday night about a fire that took place behind a residence hall in Worth Hills.

According to witnesses, the fire happened in a bush behind the fraternity houses of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Tau Delta.

Mayo Whaley, a sophomore radio-TV-film major, said he saw the fire and ran to tell the hall director of Martin-Moore Hall, Gaius George.

Whaley said he was walking out of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house when he thought he smelled something cooking on a grill.

“When we walked around the corner, we saw a huge flame in a bush,” Whaley said. “It was like six or seven feet tall.”

George said he called TCU Police when he came out of his apartment, but flames reached about as high as the first-floor window when he got to the fire.

By the time police arrived, the fire was contained, George said.

Sgt. Alvin Allcon of the TCU Police referred all further questions regarding the origin of the fire to the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Kent Worley, public information officer for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said the officers on the scene said the fire may have been related to a barbecue grill.

TCU police officer Mike Fazli said when he arrived at the scene the fire was not in the bushes.

“By the time I got here the fire was on the wall, not in the bush,” Fazli said.

See footage of the fire