Police raid area bars, arrest 12

Twelve arrests were made beginning late Friday night and into the next morning as the Fort Worth Police Department and a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent cracked down on public intoxication near campus, according to a police report.

Fort Worth police officer J. Ricks wrote in a police report the operation was intended to keep people from being involved in alcohol-related accidents on West Berry Street and in the surrounding area, which has several nightclubs.

Fort Worth police Lt. Steve Carpenter said the department undertook a bar check because a patron had recently suffered alcohol poisoning.

Carpenter said six of the arrests were made for public intoxication and four of them were TCU students. Carpenter defined public intoxication as being notably impaired from alcohol and posing a danger to one’s self or others.

According to the police report, a separate arrest was made because a suspect had local Class C warrants. Carpenter said most Class C warrants are usually issued because of unpaid traffic tickets.

Two students were cited for having fake IDs, Carpenter said, and while they weren’t arrested, they will still have to appear in court.

The other three suspects were arrested for having narcotics behind The Moon.