High ranking creates job opportunities for Neeley students

Neeley School of Business students are in the right place at the right time, especially students in the entrepreneurship program.

Fort Worth was recently ranked as the ninth best place in the nation to live and start up a business by Fortune Small Business, giving TCU students great opportunities to get on their feet quickly after graduation.

The Neeley school has had so much positive publicity already. The graduate school has been ranked as No. 1in Texas by The Wall Street Journal, and the undergraduate program has been rated one of the best in the nation. With Fort Worth’s new high national ranking, the publicity will only attract more students to look at TCU and the Neeley School of Business entrepreneurship program. Fort Worth already has so many opportunities to start a career and finding a job in the DFW area will now be even easier.

Fort Worth offers so much to see and do. TCU students are lucky to benefit from the ties the campus shares with businesses in the area. For example, located right in the middle of Cowtown are the world headquarters of American Airlines, RadioShack, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Pier 1.

Now, more than ever, businesses will flock to the Fort Worth area to try to connect with these cutting-edge companies, which, in turn, will provide TCU students internships and more job opportunities.

Whether graduating with a business degree or not, it definitely pays to live in Fort Worth.