Urban education: By the numbers

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  • Tarrant County state records show 83.2 percent of public school students as minorities – 26.3 percent black and 56.9 percent Hispanic.
  • The Fort Worth Independent School District classifies 71.3 percent of its more than 79,000 students as economically disadvantaged.
  • Nationwide, 45 percent of white SAT test takers in 2003 had taken trigonometry in high school compared with 36 percent of black SAT test takers, according to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.
  • Additionally, more than a quarter of white SAT test takers had taken calculus in high school compared with 14 percent of black SAT test takers.
  • The journal also stated that 32 percent of white students took honors courses before the SAT and only 18 percent of blacks did the same.
  • According to CollegeBoard.com, in 2003, black test takers scored about 100 points lower on each section than did white students. White students also outscored Hispanics by about 80 points.
  • According to a 2000 New Jersey study, 20 percent of suburban parents and 44 percent of urban parents felt unwelcome to participate in their children’s schools.