Wright’s visit close, free opportunity

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is finally coming to the Metroplex.

Nearly a month after Brite Divinity School made national headlines for awarding the pastor at its Black Church Summit, Wright will preach at Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas on Sunday, where the summit was held after security issues moved the event off campus.

Wright drew an immediate and harsh reaction from Americans following the airing of a sermon where he condemned the U.S. government for promoting racism and terrorism. Supporters of Wright, which include Frederick Haynes, Friendship-West pastor and candidate for leader of the NAACP, pledged their support for him during the Summit in Dallas, contending that Wright’s message was taken out of context.

Wright’s scheduled visit is a chance for students to see what they missed last month – to see a controversial national figure and judge for themselves what to think of his message.

For students who have not read Wright’s sermons in their entirety, this is an opportunity to judge whether Wright is a card-carrying America-hater or a misunderstood leader of an enormous congregation upset by the state of the county. And, the best part – all it’s going to cost is the gas for a short hop down Interstate 20.

It’s not about whether people agree or disagree with his message – it’s about students intelligently debating and discussing issues facing our country today.