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Things to do if you’re under 21

Things to do if youre under 21

You study all week, you work, you’re responsible, and when the weekend rolls around all you want to do is let loose. What are you going to do? If you’re under 21, this question is usually answered with a resounding sigh and a decision to either stay home and party or walk around downtown watching all the old people having fun. Of course there are other options, but can you ever think of them at 8 p.m. on Saturday night?

This weekend, don’t sulk and wish you were 21, and don’t risk the repercussions of trying to use a fake ID. Instead, branch out, experience nightlife in Fort Worth that doesn’t end with a headache, morning breath that reeks of gin and a bunch of new numbers in your phone from people you don’t remember meeting. And let’s not mention the pictures that your friends would have as blackmail material.

1. Laugh.

With so much of downtown’s nightlife catering to only 21 and up, comedy clubs are the perfect mix for underage and legal alike, and there are two clubs in the heart of downtown. Four Day Weekend and Hyena’s offer some much-needed comical relief for the end of the work/school week. Plus, some say that laughing improves your abs. It’s a win-win situation.

Hyena’s Fort Worth
605 Houston St.
(817) 877-5233

Four Day Weekend
312 Houston St.
(817) 226-4DAY

2. Solve a murder.

Instead of sitting around and watching “CSI” or “Law & Order,” why not take part in the investigation? And where better to experience the basics of crime solving than a cooking school? The Culinary School of Fort Worth hosts murder mysteries where drama and death aren’t the only things on the menu. The school serves up its crimes with hors d’oeuvres and a four-course meal. Dinners give cooking school students a chance to show off their skills and delight your tummy. Wonder if the murder is ever deemed Death by Chocolate?

Culinary School of Fort Worth
6100 Camp Bowie Blvd. No. 25
(817) 737-8427

3. Yell, eat and throw peanut shells on the ground.

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just a die-hard sports food fan, athletic events are always a plus. You can be messy, loud and dress in sweats if you want, and games are probably the only place where you can pass a $20 bill down a row of 10 people and get not only correct change back but also your hot dog, nachos or beverage passed down with care. Dallas/Fort Worth is home to many great sports teams, both pro and minor. Don’t forget to check the team’s Web sites for a schedule of promotional nights, because, let’s be honest, $1 hot dog night doesn’t come around often enough.

Dallas Stars
American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave. in Dallas
(214) 467-8277

Dallas Desperados
American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave. in Dallas
(912) 785-4900

Texas Rangers
Rangers Ballpark
1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington

Fort Worth Cats Baseball
LaGrave Field
301 NE 6th St.
(817) 226-2287

Dallas Mavericks
American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave. in Dallas
(214) 747-MAVS

4. Show off your sweet tube socks.

Bust out the short shorts and sweatbands – it’s time to go roller skating. When was the last time you sailed across a wood floor on eight wheels? Admission to Hit Music Night at Rollerland West is $6.50, and that includes skate rental. And for those who think they are too cool for the old school skates, an extra $3 gets either roller blades or speed skates.

Rollerland West
7325 Calmont Ave.
(817) 244-8290

Holiday Skatium
5515 S. Cooper in Arlington
(817) 784-6222

Rollerworld Northeast
5817 Denton Highway in Haltom City
(817) 485-8222

Or if you’d rather watch a bunch of women battle it out in skates, Roller Derby is the perfect choice.

Assassination City Roller Derby

5. Roll in the gutter.

Have a little frustration in your life? Had a really difficult week? Need some therapy but can’t afford it? Try throwing a weighted ball at a stack of pins and knocking over as many as you can. Problem solved.

Main Event
4801 Citylake Blvd.
(817) 292-5555

Cowtown Bowling
4333 River Oaks Blvd.
(817) 624-2151

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes
3025 Alta Mesa Blvd.
(817) 294-0501

6. Soak in the Vitamin D.

All the studying and working indoors is not good for your health. Get out and enjoy the sunshine – play some golf, look at some animals or just walk around in nature.

Rockwood Golf Course
1851 Jacksboro Highway
(817) 624-1771

Fort Worth Zoo
1989 Colonial Parkway
(817) 871-7050

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge
9601 Fossil Ridge Road
(817) 237-1111

7. Embrace some culture.

The third Friday of each month is Late Night at the Dallas Museum of Art. As the museum says, “The art doesn’t go home. Why should you?” The program lasts from 6 p.m. to midnight and is created around whatever exhibit is showing at the time. With bands, open-mic poetry, film screenings and so much more, it just might be the museum experience you’ve been waiting for.

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N. Harwood St. in Dallas
(214) 954-0234

8. Be a dancing queen or king.

Sometimes you just need to dance. Fort Worth is home to various cultures and as such there are different outlets to cut a rug depending on what your style is. Billy Bob’s Texas offers country-western dancing whenever you need it, Swing Castle offers swing classes and dance time on Tuesday nights, and weekends at Gloria’s mean it’s salsa time. Billy Bob’s can be about $10 to get in, depending on the night; Swing Castle is $5 and Gloria’s is free.

Billy Bob’s Texas
2520 Rodeo Plaza
(817) 624-7117

Swing Castle at Southside Preservation Hall
1519 Lipscomb St.
(817) 926-2800

Gloria’s Restaurant
2600 W. 7th St.
(817) 332-8800

9. Engage your auditory sense.

If the rocker in you needs to get out every once in a while, pop in your earplugs – you’ll be thankful for your hearing in 20 years – and head out. The Door in Fort Worth gives local bands an opportunity to show off their skills and is an all-ages club. Ridglea Theater has been named Best Rock Venue for the sixth time by Fort Worth Weekly, and with the prestigious honor of Best Bar Bathroom, you should at least see if the award was rightfully given.

The Door
2521 Rodeo Plaza
(817) 624-6736

Ridglea Theater
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd.
(817) 738-9500

10. Enjoy a moving picture show.

If an indie movie is what you crave, and Dallas is too far to drive, try a movie at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Magnolia sponsors a theater at the museum and shows indie art and international films. Tickets are about the same as it would cost at a normal theater. There are no refreshments, but your feet also don’t stick to the floor. You decide which is better.

Movies at the Modern
3200 Darnell St.
(817) 738-9215

11. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream or some variation of the sort.

Whether it’s soft-serve, good old-fashioned ice cream, the Italian version or custard, there are options in this city. If cheap is a must, Dairy Queen is the place to be, but other options offer up some variety and even a bit of a twist. Marble Slab allows the customer to choose what kind of candies or nuts they want in their cone, Central Market gives the customer a taste of Italy with its creamy gelato goodness and if you haven’t had custard before, it is time to visit Curly’s.

Marble Slab
Sundance Square
312-A Houston St.
(817) 335-5877

Central Market Gelato
4651 West Freeway
(817) 989-4700

Curly’s Frozen Custard
4017 Camp Bowie Blvd.
(817) 763-8700

12. And for our lactose intolerant friends…

Snow cones are amazing, and the Shiver Shack might just be the only place around that serves a half-gallon snow cone. Yes, that’s right, a half gallon.

Shiver Shack
5929 Watauga Road in Watauga
(817) 581-1725

13. Inhale some smoke.

You might not be old enough to drink, but you’re old enough to smoke. Enjoy some flavored smoke with a tobacco buzz with the sleek hookah. At Byblos, one can enjoy his/her Lebanese experience while watching the undulating stomachs of women decked out in bright colors and gold coins. Both Byblos and Velvet Hookah offer a selection of flavors and mixes, and prices start at about $10.

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant & Hookah Lounge
1406 N. Main St.
(817) 625-9667

Velvet Hookah
2712 Main St in Dallas
(214) 747-6700

14. Re-enact Mario Kart.

Practice those driving and ramming skills at Rockwood Gokart Track. A straight shot down University Drive, this track has been around for more than 30 years and still attracts a loyal crowd. The hours run ’til 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and rides cost $5 for four minutes.

Rockwood Gokart Track
700 N. University Dr.
(817) 625-2562

15. Be elitist.

Trek down the Trinity with the Fort Worth Rowing Club, which offers lessons and benefits through membership. It is a great way to get out of the city without ever having to leave.

Fort Worth Rowing Club

16. Rock out … outside that is.

When the weather is nice, outdoor music is the blending of two fun activities. Add food to that equation, and you have yourself a night. Central Market hosts Burgers and Bock, but since you can’t have that Shiner Bock, enjoy those burgers. Fred’s is a classic café off Currie and 7th streets and grills up a nice hearty burger with fries, whether or not you add the optional cheese on top.

Central Market
4651 West Freeway
(817) 989-4700

Fred’s Texas Cafe
915 Currie St.
(817) 332-0083

17. Pamper yourself.

Guys, don’t think this is only for the ladies. Men have been known to enjoy a pedicure or manicure every now and again. Don’t be afraid of a salon – relax and enjoy it. Deluxe Nail Salon and Skyline Nails and Spa offer a tranquil environment and a free drink with your service.

Deluxe Nail Salon
4601 West Freeway No. 300
(817) 737-5200

Skyline Nails and Spa
501 Carroll St, No. 612
(817) 885-7333

18. Keep your eye on the target.

If you guys feel like you need some man time after that mani/pedi, go to the shooting range. Range fees are $9 and they even offer 3-D archery classes in case you feel like channeling Robin Hood for a day.

Alpine Shooting Range
5482 Shelby Road
(817) 572-1242

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