All-you-can-eat dining plan not worth the money

Many students entered the semester with high hopes for TCU’s new all-you-can-eat meal plan. However, it has fallen short of expectations.

Restricting all-you-can-eat access to only Market Square creates severe bottlenecks during lunch and dinner, and supply struggles to keep up with demand during high traffic periods.

Meanwhile, formerly popular locales Sub Connection and Pond Street Grill lie in disuse because they only accept Frog Bucks. Who would want to dine there when Frog Bucks are accepted at places like Dutch’s and Which Wich?

TCU seems to have taken a build first, plan later approach when it comes to on-campus dining.

The price of the meal plan has gone up drastically, while variety has taken a critical hit.

Unless a student lives in the Tom Brown-Pete Wright Apartment Community where lower cost options are available, the minimum meal plan experienced a $599 hike, from $1200 to $1799, since last semester. That’s almost five dollars more per day, or roughly the cost of two slices of pizza at Joe’s Pizza and Pasta.

The pay-as-you-go option was better for access and variety at The Main, Deco Deli, Edens, Sub Connection, Bistro Burnett, Pond Street and Frog Bytes.

Now students are offered much smaller portions that often run in short supply, and variety seems to be limited to a choice between grilled cheese, cheese pizza or a chicken and rice dish.

Beverage choices are tea, soda, milk or water. Dessert is often pudding or gelatin.

Such a marked increase in price and a drop in variety merits attention.

Dining Services should seriously consider altering current meal plan options.

TCU students deserve more than cafeteria fare for their money.

News editor David Hall for the Editorial Board.