Club sports can pay head coaches

TCU Club Sports teams now have permission to pay head coaches if they choose. The decision to give coaches payments is left up to each sport.

Coaches still have the option to volunteer for a team if they feel the payment is unnecessary. The payment that coaches can earn will come from the club’s dues to cover the cost. If coaches do agree to get paid, each club can get in touch with Cristie Carpenter , the associate director of programs, to arrange the payment.

The option to pay head coaches was implemented to help push the competitive level for the clubs, she said. Some teams have not been able to keep a volunteer coach with a competitive nature. Payments can also be made in alternate ways.

“Clubs can go as far as covering the cost of gas for a coach to get (to campus) to help,” Carpenter said.

The overall goal for paying coaches is to assist them in any way to accommodate their commitment to their team and enhance the competitive edge in their coaching.