New patrol vehicles not worth the money

TCU Police got an upgrade. Now, instead of just cruising in police cars, golf carts and on bikes, officers can now be seen riding down the sidewalks on their new scooters.

The T3 Motion vehicles are powered with a rechargeable battery and can reach a maximum speed of 25 mph. So what’s the problem?

Adding two new scooter-like forms of transportation was not the most fiscally responsible thing to do. Department officials said they have been looking for ways to better suit the campus’ pedestrian-friendly environment. Instead of walking or riding bikes, our sidewalks are invaded by inconvenient T3s. Although the effective golf-carts, rarely used bicycles and well-known SUVs will still remain on campus, the scooter purchase was still unnecessary. At almost $9,000 apiece, students can’t help but wonder if the money could be spent better elsewhere. The department should get its money back and stick with what works.

These investments are a waste of money, a distraction for officers and an ineffective way to support the university’s sustainability motto. The changes these scooters will make are insignificant; therefore, the TCU Police Department should brainstorm a little more and find a better way to make change on campus with almost $20,000.

Opinion editor Patricia Espinosa for the editorial board.