Stealing, disposing Skiffs dishonorable attempt at censorship

Four days a week, 6,000 daily copies of the Skiff are brought to campus and distributed in buildings for students to pick up on the way to and from class. Tuesday, about a quarter of those Skiffs were found in stacks, strewn in dumpsters, recycling bins and trash cans across campus. Many racks were empty, and students were denied their ability to read the day’s news in the paper.

Whoever stole and disposed of almost 1,500 newspapers Tuesday made an attempt to censor the campus news for the day. That cowardly effort was the work of a person or persons who sought to control the information offered to the entire TCU community.

One issue of the Skiff is offered to each student, faculty member or passer-by for free, and the person is free to do with it what he or she pleases. Tear it up in protest, burn it or read it cover to cover, but take only one and leave the rest. The news is offered for the community and is left up for interpretation and discussion. It’s a contribution to the marketplace of ideas. Any attempt to hinder one’s ability to get the news is dishonorable, and it strays from the values and foundation on which this country lies.

Instead of stealing from the marketplace, add to it. Send your complaints, comments and opinions to [email protected], and you can let your voice be heard.

Editor-in-chief Bailey Shiffler for the editorial board.