Student admits to emptying Skiff racks

A student admitted Thursday to throwing away more than 1,300 copies of Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Skiff.

Charles Beecherl, an entrepreneurial management major, said the Skiff went overboard in publishing the picture of a professor in a news story about a dispute between two professors. The student said he is an avid reader of the Skiff but did not like what the paper published, so he threw away the copies.

“I went to his classroom, and I noticed it was obvious everyone was talking about him, and it was sad,” Beecherl said. “You could tell he could tell everyone was looking at him. Basically, I did it because I felt bad about the guy.”

Beecherl went to student publications director Robert Bohler’s office and admitted to throwing away the issues of the Skiff.

Beecherl said the school is taking appropriate action in response, but he has not met with Campus Life. Beecherl said he has met with TCU police regarding his actions.

Steven McGee, chief of TCU police, said even though officers conducted the investigation, all further action has been turned over to Student Judicial Affairs.

“We have confirmed the person who took the newspapers and turned all the information into the (Campus) Life office,” McGee said.

Beecherl said he felt guilty to an extent about his actions, saying he would not do it again, but stood by his motive.

“I have a heart,” Beecherl said. “He’s one of my professors, and he’s a nice guy. I like him and I like what he does, I just think what y’all wrote was a little overboard.”

Bohler said if any charges are pressed, they would be filed by the university administration.

Don Mills, vice chancellor of student affairs, could not be reached for comment.