Students should boldly face controversial issues

There are certain topics many prefer not to talk about or to even think about. These topics might include racism, sexism or homosexuality.

But college is about stretching minds and challenging the status quo of the culture in which students were raised. It is about asking the difficult questions and having the courage to develop opinions through critical thinking.

This takes courage for sure, but it’s necessary and enriching.

A theatre production and the people involved demonstrate this type of courage. “The Laramie Project,” which is scheduled to open Tuesday at the Hays Theatre, is about the murder of a young gay man in Laramie, Wyo. Many might feel uncomfortable with the subject of hate crimes – even to watch a play about it, not to mention to re-enact it.

But giving this play a chance could reform people’s view on not only hate crimes, but other marginalized parts of the population that students might dismiss.

As future leaders of the nation and the globe, it is imperative to examine these issues with an open mind. “The Laramie Project” is a perfect opportunity to begin doing so.

Check the play out and participate in the two-week series of discussion during the Erase Hate Campaign. It takes awareness to prevent hate crimes, and this isn’t going to happen by shying away from controversial issues.

Further, this two-week event will be a good catalyst for this dialogue, and it should continue. Hate crimes happen at all times, not just for these two weeks.

The theatre department has presented the campus with an honorable and entertaining way of bringing hate crimes to the surface.

Take advantage of it.

Web editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.