Blaring music from idle cars annoying to pedestrians

As most students do several times a day, I have to cross University Drive to get to and from classes scattered about campus.

Simple enough in itself, it is made somewhat slower by the heavy “green” traffic on bicycles and the folks who congregate in large blobs and have conversations in the middle of the walkways. I am willing to look past all those distractions so long as I make it to class on time.

My problem lies with the people who believe it is absolutely necessary to blare their music from their idle cars, bobbing their heads to the beat as they watch annoyed pedestrians hurry along the crosswalk.

Unable to hear the cries of torment they inflict on everyone within earshot, this is the person who finds the latest rap album, decides it fits the definition of “cool,” then proceeds to slap it into the car and go for a prolonged joy ride on University.

Sure, perhaps this person has decent taste in music, but playing it loudly in a heavy foot traffic area does not make you cool. It makes you annoying.

No one cares if your Chevy Impala with gold 22-inch rims is playing the latest Sean Paul album at your stereo’s highest setting. You might smile when everyone looks at you, but they aren’t looking at you in awe, or at how cool you are. They are judging you for your crummy ability in assessing public relations.

This is not to say that merely loud rap is the only culprit. Indeed, loud Vanilla Ice would be quite comedic. But those people who always have to have their windows down playing their idea of “good” music all need to take a lesson in modesty and realize not everyone wants to listen.

If I wanted to hear the latest Snoop Dogg album or Justin Timberlake hit, I’d go out and buy it myself.

Everyone has different musical tastes, and most pedestrians don’t wish to be bothered with someone else’s while they get to class. That’s why iPods were invented: so we can listen to our own music at our leisure.

Next time you roll down University with your stompin’ Air Force Ones, listening to the newest song that’s bringin’ sexy back, be sure and turn your volume down.

After all, some of the noise you are listening to is currently being used by the military for psychological warfare and demoralization purposes.

In essence, stop driving everyone else crazy.

Bruno Bruelhart is a junior writing and history major from Hobbs, N.M.