Don’t miss the third presidential debate

The third and final presidential debate is tonight, and it provides a special opportunity for Horned Frogs who watch.

Bob Schieffer, TCU alumnus and journalism school namesake, will be moderating.

TCU students, faculty and staff should be proud to see one of their own participate in one of the most, if not the most, important components of the election process.

But even if Schieffer were not participating, watching the debate still helps voters know the people whose name they will be touching on a screen or punching a box by on Nov. 4.

If TCU were the thermometer the candidates measured voters with, however, they might feel a little cold. Take a recent watching party for the vice-presidential debate in Milton Daniel Hall, which drew only about 20 students.

It seems to many like the election has been going on for two years, and in many ways it has, and many people may want to move on, especially since this is the last of three. But the election is still 20 days away.

When the entire world can change in a day, how can the people call an election whose campaign season still has a little more than half a month left?

A lot has been said in this election about how the candidates spend more time attacking each other than telling people their positions on the issues. Viewers will probably see plenty of the former tonight, but they should be listening for the latter.

Even if students and faculty claim their minds are made up already, they should watch the debate. Even better, they should go to one of the debate watching parties on campus so they can discuss what is said with their fellow voters. What will be said will matter much more to the future of this country than what happened on tonight’s “Law and Order” rerun.

Features editor Valerie Hannon for the editorial board.